Time 4 Tutoring offers tutoring in any of these areas of English, and more.

  • Cute Student Sitting At Table With Homework.Elementary English – T4T will assist K-5 students in increasing grade-level competency in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Language. Listening will be addressed as a critical skill cross-linked with poetry, digital technology, fiction and a study of information literature. Students will be assisted in the comprehension and evaluation of complex texts across a wide variety of literature types and disciplines and will be able to receive tutoring assistance in the construction of effective arguments and the communication of detailed or multi-faceted information.
  • Middle School English – Students in grade levels 6-8 will be tutored in the skill of using reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to understand and utilize various informational texts and literary forms. Tutoring assistance available in the understanding and comprehension of reading assignments and assistance with writing assignments including essays, stories, book reports and creative writing tasks.
  • High School English – T4T guidance for grades 9-12 High School English and Language Arts students focused on helping the student create a workable pathway to college and career readiness. Assistance is available in reading, writing, listening, understanding and analysis of a range of complex informational and literary texts. Help also available in creation of academic vocabulary and grammar. T4T tutors can also provide assistance in understanding fiction, poetry and drama.
  • Essay Writing – Tutoring assistance is available from T4T certified teachers who can help a student improve his or her essay writing skills from the pre-writing/research stage to the final revision stage. Students will be assisted in mastering each step of the writing process in tutoring sessions personalized to each student’s abilities.
  • Creative Writing – T4T tutors are available at all grade levels to review basic elements of creative writing and to help students understand and complete school assignments related to writing short stories – including choosing point of view, writing characters and dialogue. Assistance also offered in creating original poetry to satisfy high school writing requirements.
  • American Literature – T4T tutors can assist your student in learning to love and appreciate literature and assist him or her in understanding the development of American literature including literary comprehension and literary analysis focused on famous American authors. Tutors will also assist in vocabulary expansion activities.


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