Time 4 Tutoring offers tutoring in any of these areas of social studies, and more.

  • Asian girl looking happy with thumbs upU.S. Government – Students will work with T4T teachers to solidify their understanding of U.S. Government processes and procedures including:
    • Constitutional principles,
    • federal, state and local government organizational structure,
    • rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship,
    • the federal policy-making process,
    • political parties and elections,
    • comparative government and foreign policy, and
    • the American economic system.
  • Economics – Time for Tutoring instructors are available to help students develop a better understanding of the role of individual consumers and small businesses in the U.S. and world economies. Review sessions are available in the areas of:
    • the law of supply and demand,
    • forms of business,
    • labor unions,
    • government finance and its effect on the economy, money, prices, inflation and deflation cycles, and
    • the relationship between history, politics and economics.
  • U.S. History – T4T tutoring assistance is available in both basic and more advanced U.S. History studies. Possible study and review topics include:
    • American settlers,
    • Spanish exploration,
    • the pilgrims,
    • English and French settlement,
    • the building of a new country,
    • the Constitution,
    • the Industrial Revolution,
    • the growth and division of the U.S., and
    • early westward movement and settlement of the West.
  • World History – T4T assistance in studying and reviewing the historical development of people, places and patterns of life from ancient times to the present. Review help available in the history and culture of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Tutors will be available to guide students in researching and drawing evidence-based conclusions about historical problems and issues.
  • Elementary Social Studies – Although some states do not consider social studies to be a “core” subject for grades K-5, T4T tutors are available to assist elementary school students in developing the ability to make informed decisions as citizens of the culturally diverse, democratic U.S. society. With T4T help, students can expand their ability to become contributing members of American culture and politics.
  • Middle School Social Studies – Middle School students are at an age crucial to developing a sense of ethics, a concern for others and a concern for the world in terms of gaining a global perspective. T4T tutors can assist your student in developing an appropriately broad world view and help them in examining important global issues while examining the elements of human values and cultures, as well as providing a review of global systems and global history.
  • High School Social Studies – T4T review sessions available in the areas of geography, people and regions, climate, the environment, democracy and independence, global interdependence, the U.S. Constitution and elections, and the global economy. Review sessions can be designed based on individual student needs.


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