Time 4 Tutoring offers tutoring in any of these areas of science, and more.

  • graduation girl holding her diploma with prideChemistry – Tutoring available in introductory chemistry topics such as matter and energy, the atomic theory, the periodic table, chemical bonding, chemical formulas and balancing equations. T4T Chemistry tutoring sessions are designed to better prepare the student for virtual lab experiences.
  • Biology – T4T sessions that include a review of basic principles of scientific method and measurement, organic compounds, cell structure and function, cell growth and reproduction, fungi, plants, animals, classification systems and more. Sessions custom-designed to suit the individual student’s knowledge of biology.
  • Earth Science – Sessions available for students needing review in the study of the earth and its atmosphere, including geology, oceanography and meteorology. Topics that can be covered through T4T sessions include the universe and planets, water, air, plants, animals and humans.
  • Elementary Science – T4T offers assistance in tutoring kindergarten through fifth grade basic science students. Tutoring session focus on a diverse selection of topics that may include:
    • the properties of matter;
    • weather and climate;
    • geology;
    • the seasons;
    • oceanography;
    • simple machines;
    • planetary interactions;
    • solar energy; and
    • atomic structure.
  • Middle School Science – T4T sessions available for students in grades six through eight in basic science studies including but not limited to:
    • introductory principles of earth science;
    • related topics in physical and life sciences; and
    • basic principles of astronomy.
  • Physics – Tutoring assistance available in fundamental physics topics including mechanics, kinematics, energy, momentum, light, electricity, relativity, sound and more. Anyone wanting to build up a background knowledge of physics will benefit from signing up for a T4T physics session.
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